SNG owes its success, quality and good will to its team. We have a lean but dedicated team helping SNG to realise its larger vision.

  • Capt Rajinder Dhaiya (Retd.) Head – HR & Admin

    Capt Rajinder Dhaiya looks at the HR and Admin vertical of the organization. Keeps his staff work up to date which allows for smooth and seamless execution of processes.

    Has served in the Indian army for 30 years and brings along with him an environment to send every personnel of SNG back smiling.

  • Sb Md Yusuf (Retd.) Training Manager

    A sound training professional, has enjoyed instructor positions for most of his tenure in the Army. Dedicated, organized, disciplined and to the point is how one can encapsulate Yusuf in words. Qualified by the SSSDC as a certified instructor and along with many other certifications and diploma to his name, Yusuf is one of the top most qualified instructors in the field of private security the country possesses.

    He brings along with him the wisdom, from his years of experience, to handle specific and tricky challenges in this dynamic and nascent industry.

  • Tanveer Ahmad, IT & Admin

    The youngster is responsible for all IT tasks including providing administrative support to ensure efficient operations.

    He supports managers and employees through a variety of tasks related to
    organization and communication.

  • Suman Pandey, Manager Finance

    Suman, is the controller of the organization. From finances to compliances, all are over seen by this youngster. Having been associated with the organization since its early days, Suman enjoys a sense of ownership which helps him carry out his task with utmost dedication and integrity.

  • Ramesh Pal, Account Officer

    Ramesh is the youngest member of the finance department. No transaction is possible without the knowledge, sanction or approval of the young lad.

    He ensures all functions of the finance department run smoothly.

  • Narender Singh, Assitant Training Manager

    Narender is a new comer to the training vertical of SNG.

    Recently having hung the uniform after 19 years of service in the Army he is a disciplined and motivated individual, ready to take on the profile
    of a trainer and to make an impact.

  • Anil Singh, Field Officer

    Anil Singh, with extensive experience on field work is the latest member of the field officer

    He brings with himself tact and experience. We wish him a good innings with SNG.

  • Devender Kumar, Field Officer

    Devender is simple, hardworking and honest. He is like an ant, wonderful with his staff work and office instructions. Relatively new to the field of private security Devender, is keen on learning the tricks of the trade and proving himself.

  • Navneet Kumar, Field Officer

    Navneet, has been with SNG for the past 1 year. He is what one can draw any anomaly with a push start. He takes his time to get a grasp of things but once that pierces his outer veil rest assured he gets every job done.

    Honest and high on integrity are his major USP’s.

  • Hemant Kumar

    Fondly known as Masterji, he is the oldest member of the SNG fraternity. Known for his despicable tailoring skills, it is thanks to him and his team that all personnel in SNG wear tailor made uniforms.